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  • Use the search field on the left to search for protein sequences with matching UniprotKB Accession(s)/Entry Name(s) or gene name(s). You can also use wildcards (*) to find partial matches. If an exact match does not work, and you have not already included a wildcard, LCR-eXXXplorer will automatically add a wildcard to the end of the search term.
  • If you want to search using additional fields enable Advanced Search by selecting it from the dropdown menu on the right and pressing Configure.... This way you can search by sequence properties such as length and the percentage of the sequence masked by CAST and/or SEG. You can also retrieve sequences with specific compositional bias type(s). More help is available within the Advanced Search.
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  • Re-arrange tracks using drag and drop. Just click on a track header move up/down and release. The next time you visit LCR-eXXXplorer it will remember your preferred order.
  • Alternately, click on the pop-out icon () drag the track to the desired location and click pop-in (). You can also use this method to compare two tracks by overlaying one on top of the other.
  • Learn more details about each track by clicking on the help icon ().
  • Collapse (), expand () or remove () a track by clicking on the corresponding icon. Click on a star () to add this track to your favorites. You can locate it easier when you want it back.
  • You can download the data used to generate most of the tracks. Click on the floppy icon () to see if a track offers downloads and in what formats.
  • Customize the appearance of each track by clicking on the tool icon (). LCR-eXXXplorer will remember your settings the next time you visit.
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